When we started working with Virtual Reality at TeliportMe about 3 years, one thing immediately became clear.

VR is going to change how we view and interact with things. It was immediately clear that VR can easily help us to learn things.

It is with that foresight we are creating RemixVR with support from UNICEF Innovation Fund.

So what exactly is this RemixVR?

RemixVR is a tool for collaboratively building customisable VR experiences.

What does that mean?

Let me give you an example. Imagine you're teaching a class about different animals in the wild.

The current method is to look at the image in a text book. Now let's imagine the scenario with RemixVR.

The students are in the VR environment and they are able to see and interact with the animal. And on top of that, they're able to change the entire environment they're in. In one moment, you're in a jungle, the next, you're in a city.

The complete immersion that VR brings combined with the flexibility of RemixVR creates a great learning experience.

With RemixVR, one can explain complex topics with the power of VR.

Who is RemixVR for?

RemixVR under its core is a tool that is built for a wide range of audiences. This means, it can not only be used in classrooms, but anyplace where you need to explain complex topics and you need the flexibility to update the VR environment.

Let's take an employee training example. Imagine the employees are being trained for guest interaction and bias training.

With RemixVR, you can take the employees into different environments to help them visualise the surroundings more clearly. Such an immersive exercise would be far more effective than text book reading or even just a video.

Why does RemixVR exist?

RemixVR exists to take advantage of VR technology. The complete immersive nature of VR is something that can disrupt a lot of industries.

Having a tool like RemixVR can enable developers to craft the experiences for the users and users to further customise the VR experience based on their needs.

How does RemixVR being open source help?

RemixVR is being developed as an open source product. This means any one interested can start to use and contribute to make the product better.

It also means there is a higher transparency about how the product is operating and gives the power of the product into the hands of the user.

You can contribute to the project in multiple ways.

  • By creating VR templates that everyone can use.
  • Submitting issues when you find bugs.
  • Fixing a bug that helps everyone.
  • Writing or updating the documentation to make it more clear.

You don't have to be a developer to start contributing. You can help with submitting issues and writing documentation.

A community of motivated individual can really transform the education landscape with RemixVR.

There is also one more reason why an open source tool like RemixVR should exist.

How is it better than possible alternatives by big companies?

VR industry is going to grow in a multi billion dollar industry in the coming year. And where money is there, big companies follows.

There is a lot of discusssion about how big companies like Facebook are using their users data. This happens due to their over optimization towards their revenue than their focus toward the users. The big companies make their money by keeping users in their walled garden.

Such a scenario would not happen with RemixVR. Since RemixVR is open source, the community of users can chime in and not only provide feedback, but also take active participation in the development of the product.

That level of involement by the users in the product helps RemixVR to a very user focused product.

How can RemixVR help with education?

There are two reason why RemixVR can really help with education.

  1. Technology

    New technology has always paved the way for more innovation. In the case of RemixVR, using VR enables more immersion in classrooms which helps with learning.


    The impact UNICEF has on children and education is already proven. With UNICEF by our side, we have a better understanding about the educational needs of children around the world which helps us to make the product better.

How can RemixVR help VR developers?

Why the end product helps with education, the process of building RemixVR helps to grow another category of people.

VR developers.

Virtual Reality will be having a huge impact in multiple industries and it will be directly related to the people working on it. Which is why it is important to contribute to the growth of developers working on the same.

RemixVR will provide resources including documentation and VR tutorials to help new developers get started with Virtual Reality. The knowledge they acquire while building RemixVR will help them to build their career.

What to do next? (How to contribute and how to use?)

If you're interested in the development of RemixVR, go to the Github repo for Remix and star the project.

You can start developing with RemixVR by following the instructions in RemixVR docs.

You can also start using RemixVR by following the instructions in the docs.

If you want to have a managed solution of RemixVR for your educational institution or your company, please contact us.